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Synergy was established to bring Physical Therapy back to what it was intended to be.  We are more than just sets and reps of an exercise.  Synergy provides an integrated wellness experience that not only gets rid of your pain but helps you transform your lifestyle well beyond the walls of Synergy.

Our Mission​

I highly recommend Synergy, Karen is an excellent therapist and was able to identify and put a plan into action that resulted in rapid healing results. She is very knowledgeable in all areas of postural issues and knows how to work with unique issues that can arise. Her ability to bring my body back into balance after 10 years of trying various other ways has been truly amazing. 

Karen has been amazing to work with after my total hip replacement. She has restored more than function--she's restored my hopes of regaining my former athleticism, and I'm forever grateful.

​-Joni R.